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Zumwalt's Myrtlewood Factory is a family owned business . . .
Located at 47422 Highway 101, Bandon, Oregon 97411.

Gifts made from the beautiful wood of the rare Myrtlewood tree . . . it's unmatched in its elegance and will be treasured over the years. Myrtlewood's delicate and intricate color and grain pattern is one of nature's most beautiful.

Here at Zumwalt's we make our own bowls, lazy susans, pedestal fruit bowls, cutting boards, clocks, tables, bible plaques, menorahs, salt mills, and pepper grinders. Our gift shop not only carries products we make but also products made by various craftsmen throughout the state of Oregon.

Myrtlewood by its very nature excels all other hardwoods in variety of color and beauty of grain. When ordering you can expect variations in color and shape. We take custom orders, too! If you prefer a certain color please select from the following general choices: blond, honey, and brown.

Zumwalt's Myrtlewood Factory & Gift Shop is located on highway 101 in Bandon, Oregon. We are just about 12 minutes away from the world-famous golf course, Bandon Dunes.

To learn more about the unique gifts and products we offer, visit the Gift Shop, if you want to stop by the store, view the Directions, for ordering or product information you can Contact us, and be sure to sign the Guestbook!

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- Handcrafted Myrtlewood Bowls -
Decorative & Useful Bowls, they make wonderful gifts, Order online!

- Kitchen Items -
Myrtlewood Plates, Bowls, Cutting Boards, Spoons, Vases, Etc.

- Plaques & Sculptures -
Wooden Sculptures, Fish, Whales, Seals, Hummingbirds, Horses, Wildlife

- Other Gifts & Items -
Myrtlewood Furniture, Candleholders, Wooden Menorahs, Ornaments, Jewelry

- Contact Us -
Exceptional business opportunity in the Myrtlewood business!!




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